The Advantages Of 4DTV

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4DTV services are well known to have numerous advantages. Actually, 4DTV stands for a satellite television turner produced by Motorola, being first released in 1997. 4DTV was manufactured with the purpose to be used with parabolic satellite antennas, of a very large dimension. Nowadays, more than 70 percent of the digital cable networks use 4DTV format in the United States. The 4DTV allows access to several channels. Well, when referring to the advantages that 4DTV currently have, the fact that has to be mentioned is that 4DTV system uses the first generation digital master feeds on satellites and this means that the highest quality signal can be received this way. Another very common advantage, that most people appreciate when it comes to 4DTV systems, is linked to the fact that it offers an important stability for the signal. This means that chances for related issues to occur are very low, at least comparing the 4DTV system with other programming options.

Another advantage that the 4DTV system offers to all its users is linked to the fact that it will provide an impressive satellite footprint. Having under consideration the series of advantages that can be associated to 4DTV, more people are making the choice to use such systems. The 4DTV system was considered a new improvement that has at its time determined a revolution in the industry of satellite entertainment. With the use of a 4DTV system, channels can be transformed into digital and so all users will be able to enjoy the highest quality services offered. A great picture quality and clear digital signals are always included when talking about 4DTV systems. There is no shock after all in the fact that so many people make the choice to use these 4DTV systems.

The 4DTV receiver can simply be added to a system and it will make it receive four types of satellite signals, including free programming, subscription channels, but also free digital DigiCipher® broadcast and encrypted digital DigiCipher® broadcast. Still, a 4DTV will help all users be able to choose which channel to watch from over 5000, at the highest quality, including all type of specialized channels from sports to music or news. The system can be adapted to the domain of interest of the person using it, as 4DTV will mean more channels in the individual’s area of interest. The Interactive Program Guide linked to 4DTV will help everyone find what they are looking for. No better audio or video television signal can be found, as 4DTV is considered to be the highest level of development when it comes to satellite entertainment.

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4D Ultrasounds

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About 70% of women nowadays will have an ultrasound done during their pregnancy. That’s not just because they want to find out the sex of their baby, but also to see if everything is all right with the fetus medically. This is why 4D ultrasounds have been invented.


4D ultrasounds are similar to 3D fetal scans, which are often used in obstetric ultrasonography because they provide three dimensional images of the fetus. 3D images are helpful in diagnosing issues such as a cleft lip and other conditions of the kind.

However, 4D ultrasounds are different in the sense that they allow for a 3D picture in real time, rather than delayed. This is because of the lag associated with the computer constructed image, as in classic 3D ultrasounds.


What 4D brings to the table is that the image is continuously updated, therefore becoming a moving image, just like a movie. A 4D ultrasound uses a special sonogram machine and takes images from different angles, which reveals more detailed images of the fetus, such as facial features and movements made by the baby during the procedure.

This means that 2D images do not even begin to compare to the 3D and 4D ones, which are much newer and provide more realistic impressions of the unborn baby without a prescription or doctor’s order.


Some parents are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars at a boutique or mall ultrasound shop to see more detailed images of their unborn child, such as facial expressions and movements made by the fetus during the procedure.

This is how two lucky parents got to see their seven-and-a-half month-old unborn baby yawn during a 4D scan. Researchers believe that yawning reflects the baby’s developmental process and could potentially give doctors another metric for evaluating an unborn fetus’ health. The new study distinguished yawning from non-yawn mouth opening based largely on the duration of mouth opening.

Yawning or not, seeing so clear pictures of the unborn baby at 7 ½ months of pregnancy is amazing. “Being able to see with your own eyes and have that experience is definitely really cool for a lot of moms”, said Holly Hobson, an ultrasound technician. “The 3D and 4D look the same. It shows the flesh on the baby but the 3D is only still pics”, the doctor added.

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4D Movies

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4D has meant an impressive development since the moment of its release. 4D has actually added a whole new concept to 3D, so there is no wonder after all that nowadays more and more movies become available in 4D. In fact, it has already been announced that many 4D movies will come to the United States this summer.

A 4D movie will actually make viewers feel like being part of the experience, this is why these movies are so much appreciated nowadays. They involve more senses, including for instance smell. A 4D movie may include things like moving seats during a chase scene, but also feeling smell of gun powder during an action scene. Well, the development of 4D movies is not shocking at all. In fact, Hollywood has always tried new things to attract and impress the audience. And naturally, the 4D approach makes no exception.


However, 4D concept is not as new as you may initially imagine. Actually, throughout the years numerous movies have used a similar approach. In 1960 the first movie used smells to help the viewers feel like being part of the movie watched. This occurred at the movie Scent of a Mystery, when smell of flowers was used to help bring the viewers into the movie.

Well, 4D makes everything much simpler. It uses advanced computer software technology to coordinate effects and make movie watchers feel like being present in the action. Nowadays, there are numerous 4D movie theaters in North America, South Korea, Mexico, but also Thailand. Only in the United States more than 200 4D theaters are set to open in the following 5 years.


4D may also bring increased earnings to its developers. In fact, the new excitement is probably going to cost viewers $8 more at the current price of a 3D movie ticket. Since 4D is expected to bring quite some money, there is no wonder it has so many supporters. Both fans and producers are embracing 4D, so its development will surely grow in an impressive manner in the next few years.

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Marvel Super Heroes 4D

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Marvel Super Heroes 4D is one of the last superhero movies launched at Madame Tussauds, in New York City. That event took place on April 26, 2012. The same action 4D film was launched in May, 2010, at Madame Tussauds in London. The 2012 version is naturally an updated one.

The plot of this 4D movie is really interesting. The most important American heroes join forces to defeat evil. Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Hulk, Wolverine, Captain America and Spider-Man are all invited at the Buckingham Palace. They are set to receive rewards from the Queen, who offers them recognition for their great services. However, as imagined nothing goes as planned and the six superheros will actually have to fight many huge robots who plan on attacking the city of London.

Doctor Doom is the one who leads this new movement of occupying London, but the superheros are able to defeat him. The evil genius actually planned on destroying the Super Heroes and their secret command center, as well, but as imagined, Doctor Doom stands no chance in front of such a team. Iron Man brings an important contribution to the victory, but when he falls to the ground he is saved by Ms. Marvel.

Marvel Super Heroes 4D received quite impressive reviews. The action is great and the superheroes featured in this movie are extremely popular. The 4D effects are spectacular, too. High impact special effects, great battle scenes and impressive graphics best describe this movie. The Marvel Super Heroes 4D manages to unite amazingly realistic 3D animation with state of art digi-star projection and then adds in an extra-sensory fourth dimension.

The special effects are so thrilling that there is no wonder Marvel Super Heroes 4D is so much appreciated today. And there is no shock in that as Marvel Super Heroes 4D has actually been created by one of the world leaders in CGI feature films and 4D attractions, naturally working in collaboration with Marvel.

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What Is A 4D Film?

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A 4D film is actually a marketing term that describes the mix between a 3D movie and the physical effects offered in the venue where this is transmitted. The effects are perfectly synchronized with the film in order to offer viewers the 4D experience, as the movie is not 4-dimensional, as many may think. Unfortunately, the physical effects imply high costs, so most of the venues offering 4D movies are located in amusement parks or special venues. Very few cinemas from all around the world can be proud due to such abilities: there are a few in the Unites States of America, but also some in Hong Kong, India, Japan, Mexico, Nepal, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

The effects may vary from movie to movie but most of them include vibrations, water, air and lights. Spectators may feel the rain, the wind, the strobe lights or even earthquakes. During these movies, their seats can move, drop, sway or vibrate. They may also be tickled or sprayed with water. Some 4D cinemas may also recreate smoke, air bubbles or smells. However, when smells are included, it is already considered to be a 5D experience. Depending on what the cinema offers, a movie may be marketed as 4D, 5D, 6D or even 7D. However, once the 3D border is passed, it is clear that the movie does not offer a simple visual experience, but much more and this includes a sensory experience too.

If you cannot imagine how a 4D experience is, watch the next video, made in a mobile theater.

Curious about the movies which were offered until now in 4D? Here’s the list of the best of them:

  • The Sensorium, the first 4D movie is from 1984 and was presented in the United States of America;
  • Muppet Vision, from 1991, presented in America;
  • Terminator 2, a film from 1996 was seen in America and in Japan;
  • Pirates, from 1999, was offered to audiences from the US, the UK and Singapore;
  • Mickey’s PhilharMagic, from 2003, was seen in Japan;
  • SpongeBob SquarePants was seen in 2002 and in 2006 in various theaters in the United States of America;
  • Final Destination 5, in 2011, in Hong Kong;
  • and The Avengers, in 2012, in Mexico and in South Korea.

If you have the opportunity to see a 4D movie, don’t miss it. It’s a great experience that you cannot have anytime, but you need to try at least once in a few years with the movies you really want to see.

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4D – The Future of Television

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3D television has definitely been a revolutionary change when it comes to the way movie and television industry was seen until then. However, as the technology market is in continuous evolution, a new generation of 4D TVs is predicted to entertain millions of people from all over the world.

4D is starting to be the most important change that this industry has experienced until today. 4D will surely change the future of television. Combining 3D technology with physical effects, 4D provides the most exciting movie experience possible. 4D offers special effects such as wind, fog, lightning or scents that will make viewers feel like being part of the action. Watching a movie will no longer be simple viewing, but an all encompassing experience.


The rise of 4D cinema and film cannot be ignored nowadays, even though its cost can be quite impressive. Actually, because physical effects can be really expensive to install, 4D films are commonly held at special venues such as theme parks or movie theaters.

Some of the most important simulated effects that viewers will be able to experience in 4D films include rain, wind and vibration. Using smoke, air bubbles and special smells is also common when it comes to 4D films.

However, you should not imagine that this is all. Recently, a South Korean company, CJ Group, promised to bring into theaters within the United States a 4D experience that will offer the audience no less than 1,000 sensations as they watch a movie. Smells and tactile experiences will be added to what is commonly described as regular 3D.


In South Korea, Thailand and Mexico, there already are many theaters that play the latest blockbusters in 4D. During the next 4 years, there will also be hundreds of theaters all over the US airing movies that offer a unique experience to their audience. There is no wonder after all that 4D is considered to be the future of television.


Even though it may seem hard to believe, the first 4D film ever aired actually dates back to 1984. The Sensorium was released in Six Flags Power Plant, Baltimore. Only two years later, in 1986, Captain EO was released in 4D in Epcot, Disneyland, Paris and Tokyo Disneyland. Some of the most recent movies released in 4D include Marvel Super Heroes 4D, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Avatar in 4D, The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man.


4D will make watching television a whole new experience. It will offer a unique entertainment value, but also a great picture quality and an amazing freedom.

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Bring TV to Life With 4D TV

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We heard a great deal about 3D TV so it is not hard to regard 4D TV as some kind of machine to bring sensory stimulation for people watching movies. As a matter of fact, 4D TV refers to a consumer satellite receiver technology produced by Motorola company, a leading corporation in communication areas from satellite, handsets to everything else related to communication. A digital revolution is going to happen in satellite entertainment, symbolising many channels will convert their broadcast toward digital form.

When it comes to 4D TV there are many advantages. Here are some of them:

1. There are more programs to choose from, since digital means more channels on each satellite. The number of programs rises up to 500 at first and will increase continuously. 4D TV will make you appreciate more your big dish thanks to its ability to receive crystal clear video signals and advanced users features such as an interactive program guide. You can surf all the available channels on the screen by simply pushing a button.

2. The device allows users to receive first generation analogue and digital signal, which is the same signal as professional broadcasters get. The first generations signal is known for its availability, simplicity and quality, and more importantly stability.


3. The guide provides useful information including the program title, the rating, satellite, the name and number of the channel, the time of starting and finishing and the current time. You don’t have to buy a TV guide anymore. Everything is at the tip of your fingers. As for your favourite channels, you can set the receiver to locate automatically all the programs in the guide by listing your favourite channels from a wide range of categories, such as sports, movies, music, news and education.


If you do not know what the D stands for, it just means the receiver, the destination of the transmission of the highest quality signal from the satellite. It’s not a new technology, 4D technology is going to become the mainstream in signal transmission in the future for viewers to enjoy all the stuff they see. 4D TV is the best thing you could possibly bring to your home. Entertainment at the tip of your fingers.

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4D Movies Will Soon Hit the US

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Entertainment is very important to people nowadays, since they need to be entertained in order to forget for a while about their chaotic lifestyle. Movies are some of the best entertainment sources, since they give people of all ages the chance to live in a whole other world for two hours or so. However, today’s generations get bored very fast. The young ones in particular are constantly seeking new entertainment sources. They want new, they want fresh, and they want it now.

For those of you who are already bored with 3D, 4D must be very appealing. If 3D is not enough for you, you can now leave that to Korea. The Korean company CJ Group has recently announced that it will soon bring 4D cinema to the United States. The company operates the largest theater chain in Asia and has set up a laboratory near the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Since the 4D revolution has already impressed people in Thailand, it is now time for the whole world to be wowed by this amazing technology.


CJ Group is already working with cinema owners in order to install theaters with new seating. The seats will move and vibrate as to match the movie action. Overhead fans will also be installed, which will create weather effects such as fog and rain. The seating will also be able to produce thousands of various smells. Examples include burnt rubber, floral scents, gun powder, coffee, perfume, and sea water.

According to company representatives, people who enjoy going to the movies are willing to pay an extra $8 in order to enjoy this new movie experience. They added that 4D movies have what it takes to bring the crowd back to the US multiplexes. And they surely hope people will pay, since this project costs about $2 million per theater!


However, CJ Group is not the only company that sees the potential of 4D movies. Other companies that have launched limited number of moving seats throughout North America include D-Box Technologies of Canada, as well as the Universal Studios Hollywood and Disney California Adventure Park.

Just imagine watching movies such as ShrekNight of the Living Dead, Jaws, Avatar, Prometheus, or Pirates of the Caribbean in 4D! It will be a unique experience that you will certainly not forget. So, we are all looking forward for 4D movies to hit the cinemas in the US!

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All You Should Know About 4D TV

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Watching your favorite movies can turn out being an impressive and really a one of a kind experience with 4D TV. Thanks to the highly advanced technology supposed by this solution you will be able to much improve your television experience. Watching movies will definitely become your favorite activity in no time. 4DTV actually is a television turner designed by Motorola and which has become amazingly popular today. The technology was first developed in 1997, by General Instrument, and it surely changed the way television was seen until that moment.

With this amazing gadget you will be able to enjoy a high quality signal on hundreds of channels, but also an impressive signal stability. An amazing image and sound quality is what everyone wants when it comes to watching television and this is exactly what you will get with this great product. There is absolutely no way you will not be impressed. The gadget is really a must if you want to add quality to your satellite system, a professional quality signal, and consequently a one of a kind television experience. The receiver is easy to install and to use and the best thing about it is that really anyone can afford purchasing it. This means that the turner is amazingly affordable and you can buy it from any kind of shop, including from online stores. 

Summed, the most important benefits you will be able to enjoy with 4D TV usage are picture quality, entertainment value and freedom. There is no wonder after all that it has become a top choice for so many people nowadays. The receiver also makes it easier to find the programs you want to watch. And you will really be able to watch anything you want, no matter if it will be sport, entertainment or even music. You will be able to make your choice from an unlimited amount of possibilities. Thanks to its interactive program guide you will be able to surf all channels on the screen, selecting them by category, until making your decision. The gadget will allow you receive the first generation analog and digital signal. You will easily find the channels you want and you are surely going to spend all your afternoons relaxing in the comfort of your home, while enjoying the best television option possible. Features also include multi-language support, program timers, parental control and favorite channels options.

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An Exciting Movie Experience Thanks To 4D TV

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Thanks to a 4D TV you will finally be able not just to see a movie, but actually feel it and live it. This is the most exciting manner in which you can see one because you will live the action once with the characters on the screen. The story in the movie will become a part of your reality and you will feel the excitement to be in it. It cannot be more real than this and it is very exciting. It is very cool to see a movie in 4D technology, you just have to be a film aficionado and to be able to invest money in such a gadget. This is one of the coolest things invented and if you want to host a movie night, you cannot go wrong with such a TV. Watching the action taking place in front of your eyes and feeling the characters right next to you is amazing. With such a TV you can be the master of entertaining.

Buy a gadget like this and enjoy the most wonderful experiences with it. Once you buy it, you will be amazed to see how awesome it is to watch movies on such a TV. It cannot be compared with the regular TV which does not have anything special. Preparing for a movie night will be like getting ready for a trip. You will feel the jitters and the excitement of such an experience and you will live it to the maximum. You will love to see movies and documentaries on such a TV and you will be known in your group of friends as the one with the greatest TV.

Of course, a 4D TV is quite an investment, but this is something you do not get to buy everyday. And once you will buy a TV like this, you can bet you will not spend money on cinema tickets in the next few years. It is much more comfortable to see all the desired movies from the comfort of your home. You can make yourself cozy and see them alone or with friends. You can stay as late as you want and you can see as many movies as you want. A 4D TV is the best gadget ever and even if you do not buy it right now, you will not resist the temptation for a long time.

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3D Today, 4D TV Tomorrow

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The advance in technology has led to numerous breakthroughs and amazing inventions that have surely changed our lives. First, there was the TV. Then, there were computers. Now, we have 3D TV, smartphones, laptops and tablets. What is it gonna be next? The answer is obvious: 4D TV. Even though 3D television has only entered the mainstream, 4D entertainment is already on its way and is expected to be the next big thing in the industry. At first, the 3D technology seemed to be a fading phase. However, it has known a great popularity and now more and more people are thinking about purchasing 3D TVs. Moreover, consumer electronics manufacturers are still investing large amounts of money in developing cutting edge technology that would improve the 3D experience even more.

With the market and industry evolving at such a rapid pace, a brand new generation of 4D televisions is already predicted. The 3D entertainment seems to develop on a daily basis, as well. The only thing about 3D televisions is that they require special glasses. However, most 3D televisions require the use of active shutter glasses that are specific to the brand. For instance, if you owned a Samsung 3D TV, you would have had to purchase Samsung glasses, as well. The same thing goes for Sony, Panasonic, and other renowned manufacturers. Luckily, it seemed that they have reached the agreement of creating an industry standard for 3D glasses that will no longer pose an issue for TV owners. Furthermore, glasses might not be needed at all, since some of the biggest names in the industry have been busy developing TV technology that does not require any additional equipment.

Examples include the LG Optimus, and Nintendo 3DS. TV manufacturers may be busy developing the 3D technology, but the new wave of visual entertainment will hit them hard. 4D cinema is on its way and is said to provide the audience with the most amazing film experience ever. 4D TV will combine 3D technology with physical effects, so we are all looking forward to experience it. Considering that Koreans are already working on it, it seems that our wait will soon be over. Technology enthusiasts are surely eager for 4D TV to enter their homes. Film lovers will also love 4D cinema, since it will take their movie-watching experience to a while new level. Watch out 3D, because you may soon be history!

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